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Welcome to Computer Network Technical Support

Network Technical Support can provide technical support for network devices like routers, switches, modems, other networking devices. If you have any problems, we can solve it. Open source technical support. If you have problem with routers, just simply click on Router/Access Point and you will see solutions to your problem. You can edit solutions and even make new issues. We are excited to help you resolve your issue. There are always solutions to any problem.

Typical Products issuesEdit

General FactsEdit

  • Computer Networking or, basically network, means computer devices linked together with communication category 5e/6e cable or fiber optics.
  • Most Customers will face disconnection with wireless laptop. You need to get the encryption key from the router first. You can change channels to reduce interference. You can also reduce interference by moving closer to the router. Lastly, if you tried all channels, and everything else is working, the device is defective.
  • Wireless adapter AWLL6077V2/AWLL6075 uses only AES WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryption for 150Mbps..
  • Router is transmitter and it will broadcast a Network Name; you can also hide the SSID so it will show as Blank ___. Also, if it is locked, it will prompt a key, you can get it from the Configuring_Encyprtion in router.
  • Tip for troubleshooting: - Troubleshooting is not as simple as you think; follow the steps by step process to resolve the issue and eliminate other issues that are no related to the main problem.
  • Most Airlink101 router have SSID(Network Name): Default, Channel 6
  • Power off and on the router will fix slow internet in wireless network.
  • Setup a new password for router log in can prevent hackers for DNS attacks.

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